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Wholesale Propane Services for Your Business

Count on Hiper Gas for your wholesale propane needs!

propane exchange for business el paso, tx Hiper Gas has been providing wholesale propane services to a wide range of businesses for many years, starting in Mexico and then expanding into the Greater El Paso market. You can trust us to provide wholesale propane services to your business. Here’s what we offer:

What is wholesale propane?

Wholesale propane refers to odorized propane that is sold to a retail propane marketer. A retail propane marketer is a business that specializes in selling odorized propane to consumers in containers larger than 240 pounds water capacity, or to retail propane dispensers.

What kind of El Paso businesses use wholesale propane?

Hiper Gas serves many types of businesses that rely on wholesale propane. These include:

Hiper Gas also partners with many area retail establishments for our cylinder refill and exchange programs. We provide clean, newer cylinders and secure storage. Offering cylinder exchange and refill services is a way to attract people to your gas station, grocery store, convenience store, or home and garden store. Once there for propane, they are more likely to use your store for other purchases now and in the future. This helps grow a base of loyal customers.

Advantages of using Hiper Gas for your wholesale propane needs

With a management team boasting decades of experience in serving commercial propane customers, Hiper Gas takes pride in delivering trusted propane delivery and services. As a locally based and operated business, we possess an intimate understanding of our service area, its industries, and the unique needs of local enterprises – a level of insight that large national fuel companies can never match. Leveraging our knowledge and expertise, we tailor a wholesale fuel delivery plan to precisely meet your business’s requirements.

Hiper Gas offers the advantage of being a wholesale propane supplier equipped with expansive storage facilities, established supplier connections, a meticulously maintained fleet of modern bobtail delivery trucks, and cutting-edge technology to efficiently manage our supply and services.

We offer unmatched personal service. When you call us, you get someone on the line from right here in Southwest Texas. Our owners are also available to you to answer your questions. This responsive service means that if you need to adjust your wholesale delivery schedule, it can be done promptly with no worries about disruption of your propane supply.

Partner with Hiper Gas for reliable wholesale propane services! Contact us today for a consultation.