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What Is Propane Tank Leasing?

Hiper Gas makes it easy to have propane in your home!

propane tank lease el paso, tx Adding a propane tank to your home is a necessity if you want to have propane in your home. It may seem like a daunting process if you’ve never done it, but Hiper Gas is here for you with complete propane services.

Not only do we provide the most reliable propane delivery in the El Paso area, but we offer expert propane tank installation and reliable propane tank leasing.

You get peace of mind with our propane tanks because you will get a brand-new tank of the highest quality. Our propane tank installation is done by our trained, skilled, and certified service technicians and will be completed to meet all standards and regulation for quality and safety.

Affordable propane tank leasing from Hiper Gas is a great option for having a propane tank at your home. Let’s go through the reasons why.

Buying vs. leasing a propane tank

If you own your home’s propane tank, you have the option to change providers if you find a better price or are unsatisfied with the service. However, owning a tank also means having the responsibility for it.

Purchasing and installing a propane tank can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars. This includes the cost of the tank and additional expenses for installation, such as clearing and leveling the land for the tank’s placement.

If you own a propane tank, you are responsible for ensuring its safety and good condition. This includes bearing all the costs of maintenance and repairs.

But when you lease your propane tank from Hiper Gas, all those responsibilities, expenses, and worries are gone because we handle everything!

What size propane tank do I need?

Propane tanks are not one-size-fits-all. You and your neighbor may have the same size house, but you may need different propane tank sizes. It all depends on how you use propane.

Here’s an example. You use propane for water heating, cooking, and whole-house heating. Your neighbor, meanwhile, only uses it for cooking. You’ll need a larger propane tank than your neighbor.

Our experts will go over how you use propane in your home so you get the right size tank to meet your propane needs.

Here are the propane sizes Hiper Gas offers, and the propane needs they meet, so you have an idea of what size propane tank will work best for your home.

100-lb. vertical tank – If you only have a single small propane appliance, like a clothes dryer or fireplace, this tank should be enough.

200-lb. vertical tank – If you have two or three propane appliances like a range, a clothes dryer, or a fireplace, you will most likely require a tank of this size.

420-lb. vertical tank – This tank is for multiple propane appliances such as space heating, heating your pool or hot tub, and running a propane whole-house standby generator to keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages.

120-gallon horizontal tank – This size is ideal for operating a few gas appliances, like a space heater, range, or clothes dryer.

250-gallon horizontal tank – This size propane tank is suitable for households that have three or more propane appliances, such as a water heater, range, and space heater.

500-gallon horizontal tank – Do you use propane for whole-house heating along with other propane appliances such as a water heater or fireplace? If so, this is the tank size you’ll probably need.

1,000-gallon horizontal tank – This tank is primarily used for commercial purposes, but it might also be necessary for large single-family homes that use propane for various high-BTU appliances or for multifamily homes that share the same propane supply.

Become a Hiper Gas customer for the best propane service in greater El Paso!