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How Much Propane Does a Stove Use?

Hiper Gas gives you the joy of cooking with gas!

propane range el paso, tx If you’re a fan of cooking shows, chances are that you have noticed gas cooktops, ovens and ranges being used on nearly every show.

If you’ve wanted all the benefits of cooking with gas but your home is not connected with a natural gas utility, you may have thought you were out of luck. Good news: You’re not! You can enjoy cooking with gas when you have a propane gas range powered by propane delivery and service from Hiper Gas!

Hiper Gas is known in the El Paso and Fort Hancock area for its dependable propane delivery. We also offer comprehensive propane services including propane tank installation, affordable propane tank leasing, and pricing and payment options that let you manage your propane costs your way.

Eliminate the worries over your propane supply for good with our stress-free Automatic Delivery service! Utilizing the latest technology to precisely measure usage, we can accurately forecast when you need more propane so that it is delivered directly to your home before running low. With this convenient solution, you will no longer have to worry about monitoring your tank gauge or making phone orders – let us do all of the work for you!

How much propane your range uses

Propane is an incredibly efficient energy source, yielding 91,500 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of energy every hour per gallon. To put this into perspective, BTUs measure the amount of heat required to increase or decrease one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

On average, if you are cooking on a propane stove you could be using anywhere between 30 to 50 gallons of propane within the span of one year.

Therefore, we suggest households that use propane solely for cooking install a 60-gallon tank size. However, if your home uses multiple propane appliances then you will need a larger tank. Our propane experts will make sure you get the right size propane tank for your home’s propane usage. All our tanks are new, clean, and safe.

Propane stoves can save you money on your energy bills every month as propane stoves generate heat 30% more cost-effectively than electric stoves! If you are looking for an economical solution that still allows delicious cooking, propane is the way to go.

Advantages of using propane for cooking

Professional chefs overwhelmingly prefer propane when it comes to cooking, and not just for its energy-saving benefits. Its performance in cooking is second to none!

Propane provides precise, immediate temperature control so you can make sure your steak is cooked just the way you like it – from rare to medium-well – and not worry about it ending up as overdone and dry! You are also able to cook delicate foods such as fish and vegetables with absolute accuracy, preserving their unique flavors and textures.

With electric range burners, you have to wait much longer for it to heat up or cool down. This could result in steaming your pork chop instead of searing it and burning the pot of rice! On top of that, there are only a few settings available with an electric burner so controlling its temperature is not as precise as gas ranges. Meanwhile, propane ovens give off more moisture than an electrical one; thus keeping roasts from drying out.

Become a Hiper Gas customer to get reliable propane delivery for your home’s stove and other propane appliances!