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How Much Fuel Does a Semi Truck Hold?

Put propane autogas from Hiper Gas to work for your fleet!

autogas fleet el paso, tx If your business owns a truck fleet, you know managing that fleet’s fueling, along with fueling costs, is an essential and demanding job.

Hiper Gas offers a way to make fueling your fleet easier: propane autogas!

Autogas, also known as propane, is a clean and eco-friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel fuels when used in vehicles. Its popularity has been on the rise globally due to its sustainability and environmental benefits.

By 2022, the global adoption of propane autogas had surged to 27 million vehicles.

Propane autogas has been used in a multitude of applications including school buses, municipal vehicles, farm tractors, delivery vans and trucks, and other commercial vehicles and trucks.

Propane autogas filling stations are readily available in all states across America, ensuring convenient access to this eco-friendly fuel source no matter your location. Additionally, refueling your vehicles with propane autogas follows a nearly identical process to filling them with gasoline or diesel.

Hiper Gas makes it easy to manage an autogas fleet! Because we are locally based, we offer customized autogas services to our commercial customers in the El Paso area. The propane autogas experts at Hiper Gas will thoroughly discuss every aspect of autogas service with you to make sure you get the right tank size and delivery schedule to meet your needs. We will install your autogas dispensing system at your business location, offering storage tanks ranging in size from 8,000 to 30,000 gallons.

The advantages of propane autogas

Propane autogas presents numerous advantages for your business, municipality, or school district. Explore a few of them below.

Lower fueling costs – Autogas presents a highly cost-effective alternative, offering an average savings of 30 to 40% per mile traveled. Not only is it typically 30% cheaper than gasoline, but given recent fuel price hikes, autogas proves even more advantageous when compared to diesel.

Reduced operating costs compared with diesel – Utilizing diesel technology can lead to extra costs associated with purchasing, storing, and replacing diesel emissions fluid. However, choosing propane autogas eradicates these concerns altogether.

Lower cost of ownership – Diesel vehicles necessitate the use of a diesel particulate filter to comply with emission standards, demanding regular cleaning.

Prolonged idling can lead to higher maintenance costs and overall ownership expenses. Conversely, autogas engines produce no emissions, require less maintenance, and boast a longer lifespan when compared to their diesel or gasoline counterparts.

If you are responsible for overseeing a fleet of buses for your school district or municipality, opting for propane autogas is an excellent and financially prudent choice. It allows you to maximize the value of taxpayer dollars while ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Semi truck tank sizes

Understanding this is vital as it determines the fuel consumption and the truck’s range before needing to refuel. The range of a semi-truck depends on the capacity of its fuel tank, with different tank sizes available. Let’s explore the various sizes commonly found in these trucks.

Standard configuration semi-truck tank – A typical semi-truck tank has a capacity of 105 gallons of fuel.

Custom-made semi-truck tank – If a business involves long-distance travel without frequent refueling stops, there is the option of a customized fuel tank for semi-trucks. Customized tanks typically come in sizes of 160 gallons, 260 gallons, or 400 gallons. This will ensure that the trucks have sufficient fuel capacity to maintain uninterrupted operations.

Partner with Hiper Gas for clean burning, cost-effective propane autogas fueling! Contact us today to learn more.