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If you have propane in your home, you know that it’s a great energy source that does a lot. But while you may love all the benefits of propane, you may not be feeling much love for your current propane delivery company.

Its propane delivery may not be reliable. Maybe it doesn’t respond promptly to propane delivery requests or phone calls. Or its customer service is indifferent, as often happens with big, national companies.

You don’t have to put up with poor service anymore when you become a Hiper Gas customer! We’re a successful, long-standing business that has the infrastructure and propane supply to ensure that you’ll always get the quality propane delivery and service you deserve.

Our Automatic Delivery plan is very popular: It tracks your propane usage with the latest technology and uses that information to accurately schedule your next propane delivery before you run low. For customers who want maximum precision in their propane delivery, wireless propane tank monitoring is also available.

The service from Hiper Gas is unmatched. Our large fleet of delivery trucks is all newer vehicles that are well maintained. All our propane delivery drivers and service technicians are trained and certified, so you’ll know that the highest standards for safety and service will be upheld. We have an ample propane supply thanks to our large storage facilities. Hiper Gas also has a generous inventory of new propane tanks on hand in any size you need, whether you use propane just for cooking or for whole-house heating and other appliances.

Hiper Gas also makes it easy to manage your propane costs with pricing and payment options that give you more control. Want to secure your propane supply at a great price? Sign up for PreBuy! Our AutoPay option ensures that your monthly payment is on time, every time, by automatically deducting it from your credit card or checking account.

Joining Hiper Gas is effortless! Just fill out the simple Become a Customer form, and we handle the rest. We’ll set up your free, brand-new propane tank and provide a free leak check. There are also other incentives for new customers, so contact us for more information.

Switching to propane? Hiper Gas can help!

Are you tired of putting up with unreliable service from your local electric utility while getting stuck with massive bills thanks to inefficient electric appliances such as heaters and water heaters? Make the switch to propane! Hiper Gas can assist with installing your new tank, which is free to new customers and comes with affordable leasing and low charges for connecting the propane gas lines to your home. We can also install a propane tank for a new propane whole-house standby generator that will keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages.

From El Paso to Fort Hancock and everywhere in between, Hiper Gas is the propane company you can count on! Become a customer today.

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