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Propane vs. Electric Appliances: Which Is Better?

Which is right for your El Paso home?

propane or electricity texas If you’ve been seeing Hiper Gas trucks around your neighborhood in Greater El Paso, you may be wondering what propane can do for your home.

The answer is: a lot! Propane offers many benefits that cut your energy costs and offer superior comfort and amenities than what you get with electricity. With dependable propane delivery from Hiper Gas, you can enjoy all that in your home!

Propane offers superior energy efficiency

Home appliances that use propane, like ranges, furnaces, and water heaters are more energy efficient than those powered by electricity. A propane water heater can heat water faster and at a lower cost than an electric one. You are able to dry your clothes in 25% less time with a propane clothes dryer as opposed to an electric one.

Propane is better for the environment

Although electricity might give the appearance of being “cleaner” than propane, it is not. In fact, coal-fired power plants account for 50% of U.S. electricity production annually and are large contributors to smog and acid rain formation. Furthermore, the production of electricity via power plants is also one of the largest drivers behind greenhouse gas emissions in America, second only to transportation. Propane actually produces close zero greenhouse gas emissions!

Propane virtually eliminates energy waste

We lose around 60% of electricity to resistance when it runs through power lines–making transmission very inefficient. In fact, it takes three units of source energy just to get one unit from the power plant into our homes. To provide enough electricity for all households, we have no choice but to burn more greenhouse gas-producing coal. However, because propane is kept in close proximity to your home in your propane tank, there is little-to-no loss between the fuel and appliances.

Propane is better at heating

The Department of Energy reports that propane home heating has been more cost-effective than electricity in recent years in the United States. Propane gas furnaces heat air to 130°F to 140° Fahrenheit and operate in shorter intervals, meaning you stay warmer for longer. Electric heating systems only heat air to around 98.6°, so it feels cooler when you place your hand near the vent.

Propane offers better comfort

Propane fireplaces are gaining in popularity due to many advantages they hold over electric models. Most notably, propane flames look more natural and realistic, they heat your space faster, and cost much less to operate than electric models.

You can count on propane!

Propane heat is a more reliable energy source than electricity because if there’s a power outage, your propane-heated home won’t lose heat like an all-electric home would. Plus, with a propane whole-house backup generator, you’ll be able to keep the lights on and your house comfortable and secure during extended outages.

Propane appliances save you money

By investing in a propane furnace, you will save money in the long run as they last 5 to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps. Propane furnaces are cheaper to maintain than heat pump units because they have fewer moving parts. Propane water heaters could save you $175 a year or more on your water heating costs.

Propane enhances your quality of life

Use propane and make many appliances work better around your home. For example, with a propane range, you have greater temperature control than electric ranges which makes it easier to cook food perfectly. Also, tankless water heaters that use propane will allow you to enjoy all the hot water you want instead of taking cold showers. Lastly, propane pool and spa heaters heat water much faster and more efficiently than electric models.

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