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Propane Vs. Electric Forklifts

Which is right for your El Paso business?

forklift services el paso, tx Forklifts are essential equipment in a wide range of El Paso area businesses such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. That’s because forklifts excel at completing tasks more efficiently, securely, and effortlessly compared to relying solely on manual labor.

Numerous industries are transitioning to forklifts powered by propane due to the multitude of benefits and increased efficiency they provide. Local businesses in Southwest Texas trust Hiper Gas for their reliable forklift propane services.

Our services for propane forklift cylinders are tailored to meet your unique needs. As a local business, we prioritize our customers and strive to improve your operations every single day. This is what sets us apart from larger, national propane companies.

We will begin by conducting a consultation to discuss your specific propane requirements for forklifts. Based on our conversation, we will develop a tailored cylinder exchange service that caters to your unique needs.

After completing the initial setup, we will arrange for the installation of durable and secure storage cages for cylinders at your business premises. These cages will be stocked with clean, safe, and certified cylinders. Hiper Gas will also ensure that your employees will receive comprehensive training on all aspects of propane safety. This includes proper procedures for filling, handling, and storing propane cylinders, as well as attaching and removing them from forklifts.

As a local service provider, we are able to promptly adapt our cylinder delivery and exchange service to accommodate any changes in your requirements.

The benefits of propane forklifts

You have a choice when it comes to how your forklifts are powered. Propane offers many advantages over electric forklifts, and these advantages can help your business be more productive and cost effective. Let’s run through those advantages.

Improved productivity: The productivity of electric forklifts is greatly compromised due to the need for recharging, which can take eight hours or longer, meaning that forklift is out of commission for a full shift . In contrast, propane-powered forklifts offer a swift solution. Workers can resume their tasks in five minutes or less by simply exchanging the empty cylinder for a fresh one. This seamless transition ensures minimal downtime and maximizes efficiency.

Superior power: Propane forklifts offer a distinct advantage over electric forklifts when it comes to power. They maintain exceptional performance until the cylinder needs replacement, unlike electric models that gradually lose power as their batteries drain. Moreover, propane forklifts effortlessly handle heavier loads and inclined surfaces, and their runtime can extend up to eight hours on a single cylinder. This makes them a superior choice for efficient and powerful operations.

Use in all conditions: A propane forklift offers the flexibility to operate in wet and dry conditions, unlike most electric forklifts, making them the better choice when work is done outdoors. An example of this would be when you require efficient material transportation between your warehouse and a truck parked outside during rainy weather. Opting for a propane forklift ensures both safety and effectiveness in such scenarios.

With expert forklift propane services from Hiper Gas, your business can enjoy increased productivity and efficiency. Contact us today for a consultation!