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What Does a Propane Gas Leak Smell Like?

Learn more about propane safety

propane smell el paso, tx Between strict government regulations and high industry standards upheld by businesses like Hiper Gas, propane has an outstanding record when it comes to safety.

But if you use propane in your El Paso home, you still need to know about propane safety and how to keep your home and loved ones safe in the rare event of a propane leak. One thing you need to know is what propane smells.

The smell of propane

Propane does not naturally possess a scent, so an odorant such as ethyl mercaptan is added during the processing phase to make it easier for propane leaks to be detected.

This smell closely resembles that of rotten eggs or a skunk’s spray, offering a distinct and powerful alert to its presence in any room or area where gas has been leaked.

How do I protect my home from propane leaks?

The best defense against propane leaks is making sure that all your propane appliances get regular, professional maintenance.

A trained propane service technician will, during the tune-up, do a thorough inspection. If they spot a problem that can lead to a propane leak, they have the opportunity to fix it.

Another way you can keep your home safe is to install propane leak detectors. These should be installed near all your propane appliances, such as your water heater, range, and fireplace. Place propane detectors no higher than the pillows on your bed or lower because propane is heavier than air.

Many people mistakenly believe that carbon monoxide detectors also detect propane leaks. They are not made that way. Nor do propane leak detectors detect carbon monoxide leaks. You need both.

I smell propane gas. What do I do now?

Let’s talk first about what not to do if you smell propane gas.

First, don’t panic. Once you learn our propane leak safety directions below, you’ll know what to do.

Second, don’t try to find out where the smell is coming from. Leave that to the professionals.

Now, let’s get into what you need to do as soon as you smell propane’s unmistakable rotten-egg odor.

  1. Get everyone, including pets, out of the house immediately.
  2. On your way out, extinguish any sources of ignition such as candles or cigarettes.
  3. Do not use light switches, telephones, vape pens, or anything that can create a spark until you are safely away from the house.
  4. Turn off the propane supply valve on your propane tank if you can safely get to it. By the way, all adults in your household should know how to do this. Contact us if you need to learn this.
  5. Call 911 and Hiper Gas as soon as you are a safe distance away from the source of the leak.
  6. Stay away and let the first responders and service technicians find the source of the leak and fix it. Do not return until they give you the OK to do so.

You can trust Hiper Gas for safe delivery of propane to your El Paso area home! Become a customer today.