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Propane Forklifts: FAQ

Learn about the advantages propane forklifts offer your business

forklifts el paso, tx Many types of businesses here in the greater El Paso area rely on forklifts. More and more of these businesses are discovering that using propane to power their forklifts affords many advantages of forklifts that are powered by electricity or gasoline.

Hiper Gas is the region’s leader when it comes to forklift propane services. We create a customized forklift propane plan for your business. We then set up propane tank dispensers and storage cages for forklift cylinder propane tanks at your business or jobsite. Our services include the delivery of both 33- and 44-pound propane cylinders, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

Your employees will receive thorough training in the safe dispensing of propane, along with the safe use, storage, and handling of propane forklift cylinders.
Read on to learn more about propane forklifts and how they can benefit your El Paso-area business.

Common propane forklift questions

Q. How powerful are propane forklifts?

A. This is where the advantages of propane forklifts really stand out! Unlike electric forklifts, propane-powered ones maintain 100% power as long as there’s propane in the cylinder. In contrast, electric forklifts gradually lose power as the battery drains, necessitating an eight-hour (or longer) recharge time once depleted. Propane forklift refueling takes mere minutes. Simply replacing the empty cylinder with a full one puts the forklift back on the job. Moreover, propane-powered forklifts excel in handling heavier loads and demonstrate superior capability on inclines.

Q. Are propane forklifts expensive to operate?

A. Actually, propane forklifts offer many benefits when it comes to being cost-effective for your business. Swapping out an empty forklift cylinder for a full one can be done in less than five minutes, meaning minimum downtime for both the forklift and your employees. Compare that with electric forklifts, which can be out of commission for an entire shift while recharging, slowing down efficiency and productivity.

The charging stations for electric forklifts also take up a lot of space at your business or jobsite that could be used in other ways. Not only that, forklift charging stations require significant upfront spending, from the charging stations themselves, which can cost more than $1,000 apiece, to the installation and maintenance.

Thanks to propane being a clean-burning energy source, there is dramatically less wear and tear on their engines than there is for gasoline-powered forklifts. This means propane forklifts cost considerably less in the long run as maintenance costs are lower and they last longer, meaning you get more from your investment.

Q. Are propane forklifts safe to use?

A. Propane forklifts are a versatile choice, offering safety for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike gasoline-powered forklifts that are restricted to outdoor operation only because of their emissions, and electric forklifts that lack efficiency in outdoor settings and cannot function in wet conditions, propane forklifts excel in all environments. For optimal performance, whether indoors or out, a propane forklift is the superior choice.

With expert propane forklift cylinder service from Hiper Gas, your business can grow and flourish! Contact us today for a consultation.