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What Are Commercial Uses for Propane?

Hiper Gas can help your El Paso business flourish!

bulk propane texas Propane’s versatility and efficiency make it an ideal energy source for a wide range of businesses in greater El Paso. That’s why finding a dependable commercial propane services provider is essential.

Hiper Gas has many years of providing comprehensive commercial propane services to businesses to businesses in Ciudad Juárez and nearby communities. We have the reliable propane supply, large storage facilities, and a strong fleet of newer, well-maintained delivery trucks that assure you that your business will always have the bulk propane delivery it needs. Those deliveries are made by our team of trained, experienced delivery drivers who uphold our high standards for safety. Our certified technicians install propane tanks at your business or job site.

Because we’re experienced in commercial propane services, we use the latest software to manage our services and ensure prompt, responsive service. Our commercial propane team has the knowledge and experience to provide customized services.


Propane is a key fuel for the manufacturing of plastics. It also runs machinery and powers standby generators at manufacturing plants.


With international shipping coming through greater El Paso, forklifts are an essential tool for moving goods and materials at warehouses and distribution centers.

Propane forklifts offer superior power than electricity and can be refueled in minutes simply by swapping out the cylinder. Electric forklifts can take an entire eight-hour shift to recharge.

Hiper Gas offers complete propane forklift services. We install propane dispensers to refill cylinders, as well as cylinder exchange services.

Hospitality and tourism

El Paso’s hospitality economy is based on multiple types of travel. Being a border city, it is an essential location for international trade, which means lots of business travelers. Many people also come here for personal reasons, to visit family and friends. More than two million people visit the area each year.

Whatever the reason, hospitality and tourism is a vital part of our local economy. It brings in more than $1.5 billion each year and supports more than 40,000 local jobs.

Propane is ideal for restaurants and commercial kitchens as it provides gas cooking for appliances such as ovens, cooktops, griddles, pizza ovens, grills, warming tables, and more, which elevate your chefs’ work.

Using propane commercial dryers improves the efficiency of your hotel’s or resort’s housekeeping staff, as it can dry linens 25% faster than comparable electric models while reducing wear and creating fewer wrinkles.

Autogas fleet fueling

Did you know that propane can run cars, trucks, and other commercial vehicles? Many businesses, municipalities, and school districts are discovering the benefits of using propane autogas!

Hiper Gas will create a customized autogas delivery schedule for you, and set up an autogas filling station that’s safe and as easy to use as traditional gasoline and diesel filling stations.

Here’s what you get with autogas:

Put the power of propane to work in your Greater El Paso business! Contact Hiper Gas today to set up a consultation.