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Should I Lease or Buy My Propane Tank?

Make life easy with propane tank leasing from Hiper Gas!

propane tanks el paso, tx Do you need a new propane tank for your home in Greater El Paso? There could be several reasons why you might need one.

When purchasing a new house, it’s possible that the previous owner may have leased the propane tank. If you want the same provider to handle your propane delivery, you can arrange a contract with that provider for a propane tank lease.

If you intend to change your propane delivery company, you may face a challenge as no propane service will refill a tank that belongs to a different business.

Perhaps you’ve just finished building an addition on your home, or added propane appliances like a range, fireplace, or water heater. Both of these circumstances increase the amount of propane used and could cause you to need a larger tank.

You need to decide whether to lease or buy your new propane tank.

Hiper Gas offers a new high-quality propane tank with a reasonable leasing price, without any hassle and extra costs.

Owning a propane tank

The advantage of owning a propane tank is the ability to freely choose your propane supplier. If you are dissatisfied with your current propane delivery service, you can switch to another provider at any time without the hassle of having a leased tank removed and replaced with another leased tank.

When selling your house, you have the option to include the tank. This way, the buyer can choose their preferred propane company.

In most situations, however, the disadvantages outweigh those advantages.

Owning a tank requires a lot of responsibility, including financial responsibilities. Buying and setting up a propane tank can be expensive, costing thousands of dollars. This includes the cost of the tank and installation charges, such as preparing and leveling the ground for the tank’s location. Installing the tank underground can significantly increase these costs.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the propane tank is in good condition and safe for use. The owner is also responsible for covering all the costs related to the maintenance and repairs.

Leasing a propane tank

Leasing your propane tank from Hiper Gas eliminates those responsibilities and hassles.

For starters, our tanks are always new and well-made. We have propane tank sizes to meet all needs. The team of experienced service technicians will install your tank to the highest standards for safety and quality.

We will take care of maintaining and inspecting the tank regularly to ensure your safety. If you need a tank of a different size in the future, we can help with that too.

If you lease a propane tank, you’ll need to buy propane exclusively from the company you leased it from. Nonetheless, partnering with a trustworthy local company like Hiper Gas that emphasizes customer service can make it very worth your while!

We offer the most reliable propane delivery in the El Paso region. Our Automatic Delivery uses the latest software to track your propane usage so we can immediately schedule a delivery when you need propane with no worry that you’ll run low.

With affordable propane tank leasing from Hiper Gas, there’s no reason to buy! Contact us today to learn more.