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What Are Industrial Uses for Propane?

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Hiper Gas has many years of experience in providing commercial and industrial propane services in Ciudad Juárez and neighboring areas in Mexico and have recently expanded into the El Paso area.

Complete industrial propane services

By going with a long-established business, our customers never have to worry about running out of propane as we have spacious storage facilities, a modern fleet of well-maintained bobtail trucks, and a team of trained, licensed propane delivery drivers to deliver propane reliably.

Our industrial propane experts will thoroughly discuss what you need and create a propane delivery schedule and other services tailored to your needs. Because we are a regional company, we have the flexibility and swift responsiveness to adjust to any changes in what you need from us. Has business ramped up and you need propane deliveries more frequently? We can do that, no problem! Our team of sales and support staff are here to help you with all aspects of your industrial propane services.

We also offer you a team of certified service technicians who can install propane tanks and run propane gas lines to meet all standards and regulations for safety.

At Hiper Gas, leverage the latest software and communications technologies to stay on top of our customers’ needs so you can be assured that when you need propane, you will get it.

How propane is used in industrial settings

Manufacturing – Manufacturing facilities and petrochemical industries rely on propane gas as a sustainable energy source for generators, vehicles, and plastics manufacturing. Additionally, propane gas is used as a refrigerant by refrigerator manufacturing companies. Propane’s superior energy efficiency also makes it an outstanding option for space heating and water heating in large facilities like manufacturing plants.

Metal work – Propane is the most common gas used in metal melting as it burns at high temperatures (3,596° Fahrenheit). Propane is utilized in both stationary and tilting crucible furnaces to melt a variety of metals such as aluminum, bronze, brass, and monel (a group of nickel alloys that have copper as the primary alloying element). Additionally, propane is used in furnaces for melting jewelry made of gold and silver.

Asphalt and paving – Asphalt and paving businesses have a huge energy demand for equipment such as burners that heat asphalt as well as dryers. Propane is the preferred energy source for asphalt production and paving because of its versatility, cleaner and safer burning, and energy efficiency. It also creates less wear on equipment than diesel, lowering maintenance and repair costs.

Printing – Large-format printing provides a multitude of products including billboards, signage, and vehicle wraps. Companies that provide these products and services use hot propane gas to quickly dry ink on paper, glassine, cellophane, and aluminum foil during large scale printing. Additionally, they use propane gas to burn off printing rolls.

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