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How To Check Your Propane Supply

Automatic Delivery from Hiper Gas makes always having propane a snap!

propane supply el paso, tx At Hiper Gas, we understand that everyone has their own specific preferences when it comes to propane delivery. That’s why we offer options designed to meet your individual needs.

As we offer both Will-Call and Automatic Delivery services, an increasing number of Hiper Gas customers are transitioning to Automatic Delivery. This option provides not only ease and convenience but also assurance regarding their home’s propane supply.

What are the advantages of Automatic Delivery vs. Will-Call?

Automatic Delivery: Once you enroll in this FREE program, bid farewell to all your worries! Say goodbye to the inconvenience of going outside in any weather just to check your tank gauge levels. No longer will you have the hassle of reaching out to us to schedule a propane delivery. Banish concerns about forgetting to check your tank gauge and requesting a delivery, as running out of propane and needing an emergency delivery will become a thing of the past.

At Hiper Gas, we utilize advanced computer software and up-to-date weather data to ensure timely delivery of propane. By leveraging this valuable information, we proactively arrange deliveries before your supply reaches low levels, ensuring a seamless experience for you. You can rest easy knowing that we handle all the logistics, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free service.

Will-Call Delivery: Our Will-Call delivery service offers customers the convenience of choosing their desired time to receive their propane, providing them with flexibility.

If you choose the Will-Call option, it is your responsibility to carefully monitor the level of propane in your tank and promptly reach out to Hiper Gas when a delivery is required. Checking the amount of propane in your tank can be done effortlessly in just three simple steps.

  1. Go outside and find the circular dial gauge on your propane tank. It looks similar to the speedometer in your car.
  2. The propane tank dial provides a visual representation of the fill level, expressed as a percentage. For instance, when the needle aligns with 40, it signifies that the tank is filled to 40% capacity.
  3. To ensure prompt delivery of propane through Will-Call, we kindly request that you reach out to us before your tank level reaches 30%. By doing so, we can efficiently schedule and complete your propane delivery, ensuring that your supply does not run low or deplete.

Failing to monitor the gauge levels of your propane tank can result in unexpected expenses, including emergency propane delivery, mandatory pressure testing of your tank, and the requirement for professional re-ignition of the pilots in your propane appliances. It is crucial to keep track of your propane tank’s gauge levels to avoid these costly consequences.

More and more of our customers are choosing Automatic Delivery due to the hassle, responsibility, and expense associated with alternative options. The simplicity, convenience, and security it offers make it an appealing choice.

Why isn’t my propane tank completely full after a delivery?

Have you ever noticed that your propane tank is never filled to 100% capacity? This is because we adhere to the highest safety standards when handling propane.
Propane undergoes a remarkable expansion when heated, expanding nearly 17 times more than water for the same temperature increase. To accommodate this expansion safely, the tank is intentionally filled below its maximum capacity, allowing enough space for the increased volume of the liquid propane.

Normally, above-ground tanks are filled to about 80% capacity, while underground tanks can handle a slightly higher fill level thanks to the insulating properties of the soil. This insulation serves as a protective barrier, shielding the tank from extreme temperature changes.

Be assured that you’ll always have propane with Automatic Delivery from Hiper Gas! Contact us today to enroll.