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How Is Forklift Propane Different?

Get the reliability of propane for your business’ forklifts with Hiper Gas!

forklift gas tank hudspeth county, tx You may know that propane is a versatile fuel, but did you know that the same propane that’s in your home’s grill tank also is powerful enough to run forklifts?

While the propane inside the cylinders may be the same, the cylinders themselves are quite different.

Propane grill tanks weigh 20 pounds, holding approximately 4½ gallons when full. Propane forklift cylinders are larger. The most common size for forklift cylinders is 33 pounds, which contains 7.9 gallons of propane.

Hiper Gas is your one-stop shop for everything related to propane forklifts for your El Paso area business.

It starts with our commercial propane experts creating service plan tailored just for your business. If you choose to refill your propane cylinders, we’ll install propane tanks and filling stations, along with storage cages, and sell you any amount of cylinders you need. We’ll provide reliable propane delivery so you can fill your cylinders with confidence in your supply.

If you prefer the convenience of a forklift cylinder exchange service, we’ll set up the storage cage at your business. Then we’ll create an exchange schedule customized to your needs. You’ll always have full cylinders on-site.

Whichever you choose, you get the personal and responsive service that comes with working with a local business. As your business grows and your needs change, we can quickly update your service to meet those needs.

Advantages of propane forklifts

Businesses here in El Paso and around the country are discovering the ways that using propane-powered forklifts is a better option than using forklifts powered by electricity or gasoline.

Productivity:Electric forklifts require up to eight hours of downtime for a full recharge, significantly hindering productivity. Propane-powered forklifts provide an effortless solution: simply swap out the empty cylinder with a new one and your workers are back working in no time – five minutes or less!

Indoor and outdoor use: Because of their emissions, gasoline forklifts cannot be used indoors. Propane, on the other hand, has no emissions so it is safe to use indoors as well as outside.

Power: Propane forklifts offer an impressive edge over electric models when it comes to power. Their superior performance is sustained until the cylinder needs to be changed, whereas electric versions gradually lose power as their batteries run out of juice. Not only can propane forklifts handle heavier loads and inclines with relative ease, but they also boast a runtime that extends for up to eight hours on just one cylinder!

Use wet or dry: Propane forklifts can work in wet or dry conditions; most electric models can’t. If you’re going to be bringing materials from a truck parked outside in the rain into your warehouse, or vice-versa, you can safely and easily do that with a propane forklift.

Clean burning means less maintenance: With propane burning cleanly, it will reduce the amount of servicing required for your forklift engine and extend its life expectancy. What’s more, propane is environmentally friendlier than electricity generated from coal-fired power plants.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of using propane for your forklifts? Contact Hiper Gas today to get started!