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Forklift Propane Services in El Paso County, TX

Hiper Gas will keep your forklifts running!

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Whether you work in one of the many warehouses, distribution centers or manufacturing plants in the greater El Paso area, forklifts are an essential tool for getting work done.

How those forklifts are powered can make a massive difference in everything from costs to productivity. With reliable forklift propane services from Hiper Gas, your business can enjoy greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental friendliness.

What are Hiper Gas’s propane forklift services?

Hiper Gas makes it easy to use propane forklifts at your warehouse, retail establishment, distribution center, manufacturing facility or job site.

It starts with our commercial propane experts’ thoroughly going over with you how your business uses forklifts, how many forklifts you use, and other issues, and then they come up with a forklift propane plan customized to your needs.

That is just the beginning of how we help your business! We manage the setup on your business or jobsite, installing propane tank dispensers and storage cages for the propane tanks for forklift cylinders. We supply both 33- and 44-pound propane cylinders.

Hiper Gas will also thoroughly train your employees in propane safety, how to fill propane forklift cylinders, and how to remove an empty one from the forklift and replace it with a full one. Once you’re set up, we are also here for you if you need us to train new workers, or if you want to revise your propane delivery schedule.

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Why are propane forklifts better than electric forklifts?

There are many ways in which propane-powered forklifts are superior to those that run on electricity. Here are some of them:

Powerful performance. Propane forklifts operate at full power for as long as there is propane in the cylinder. Electric forklifts lose power as their batteries deplete. Propane forklifts also perform better than electric models because they can carry heavier loads and work better on inclines.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It takes eight hours, or possibly longer, for an electric forklift to be recharged. You’re out of luck if the battery runs out during a shift. You’ll also need to set aside space and invest money in electric forklift charging stations. Propane forklifts provide the longest operating duration between refuels. Refueling is quick and easy: simply swap the empty tank for a full one!

Indoor-outdoor use. This is another way in which propane forklifts stand tall over less efficient and less powerful electric models. When used properly, propane forklifts are safe to use indoors, as they create no emissions. Outdoors, they can operate in wet conditions.

Safety and environmental friendliness. Since propane generates almost zero emissions, it is much safer for your workers than gasoline-powered forklifts and much better for the environment than both gasoline and electric-powered models. Coal-fired power plants generate about half of the country’s electricity, which means electric forklifts aren’t as ecologically friendly as propane ones.

Let Hiper Gas take care of your propane forklift cylinder needs! Contact us today to learn more about our services.