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What is Commercial Propane Used For?

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propane supplier el paso, tx Propane is preferred by many Southwest Texas businesses because it is versatile, burns cleanly, and offers outstanding energy efficiency.

By teaming up with Hiper Gas for your commercial propane services, you can receive all those advantages while dealing with a local that comprehends your particular needs when it comes to your propane supply.

At Hiper Gas, we provide tailored services to cater to the distinct propane requirements of each commercial customer. We will assist you in determining the appropriate amount of propane you need and the frequency at which it should be delivered. Afterwards, we will establish a custom delivery schedule for bulk propane that perfectly meets your business demands. You can be assured of our reliability as we have a large fleet of newer bobtail delivery trucks.

We offer propane tank installation and leasing done by certified service technicians.

Our company is different from big national companies because we prioritize being responsive and flexible to our local community’s needs. If you require additional propane for a big project, please inform us, and we will modify your delivery schedule accordingly.

Here’s how propane is used in Greater El Paso businesses.

Warehouses and distribution centers

El Paso is a border town and also major hub for international shipping of products large and small.

Using propane forklifts to move goods improves efficiency and increases worker productivity, while also promoting a safer work environment.

Propane forklifts have the advantage of not requiring long recharging times like electric forklifts, which can take up to eight hours to recharge, meaning they are sidelined for an entire shift. When a propane forklift needs more propane, all your employees need to do is replace the empty propane cylinder with a new one, and they are back on the job in about five minutes!

Our forklift propane services provide customized forklift propane services. We will supply you with 33-pound and/or 44-pound forklift cylinders, along with clean, safe storage cages for them along with your propane tank for refilling them. Your employees will also be trained in the safe filling, use, and handling of forklift cylinders.


The El Paso region is also a hub for hospitality for commercial as well as personal travelers.
Hotels, inns, vacation home rentals, restaurants, resorts, event centers, banquet halls, and other hospitality businesses can benefit greatly from using propane as an energy source.

Guest linens that are dried using commercial clothes dryers powered by propane are able to dry 25% faster than linens that are dried with electric dryers. Additionally, there are fewer wrinkles in the linens, which allows the housekeeping staff to work more efficiently.

Propane is vital for chefs in restaurants and commercial kitchens because it provides precise and immediate temperature control for preparing meals on ranges, broilers, cooktops, and grills. Propane can also power other essential equipment, such as water heaters, warming trays, and outdoor heating for decks and patios.

Construction and paving

Construction companies can use propane to power through colder temperatures. Propane can supply space heaters for indoor work areas and portable generators to charge batteries for other machines and equipment ensuring that they are always prepared for use.

Propane asphalt dryers and burners offer clean burning and superior efficiency, helping to keep your costs down and productivity up.


Do you own a retail operation such as a grocery store, home improvement store, convenience store, or gas station?

You can grow your customer base and create a new revenue stream for your business with our propane reseller and tank exchange program services.

Ready to put propane to work for your El Paso area business? Contact Hiper Gas today for a consultation and learn what we can do for you!