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Wholesale Propane Services for El Paso, TX

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Does your business in El Paso County or Hudspeth County use propane on a large scale? If so, you need a wholesale propane service company you know will always have the propane you need and will provide reliable delivery and communication.

Hiper Gas is now that company for your southwestern Texas business! We have been offering wholesale and other commercial propane services to businesses in Mexico for many years and have the experience, insights, supply and skill to manage your wholesale propane needs.

Hiper Gas: Your one-stop shop for wholesale propane!

Your business needs a propane services company that is dependable, responsive, and able to get your wholesale propane to you when you need it. Local mom-and-pop companies don’t have the resources or the people to meet the wholesale needs of most businesses.

With Hiper Gas, you get a wholesale propane supplier with large storage facilities, long-standing relationships with suppliers, a well-maintained fleet of newer bobtail delivery trucks, and the latest technology for managing our supply and our services.

Our commercial team will go over your wholesale propane needs and craft a customized bulk delivery plan, ensuring that your business will always have propane. We also have an ample supply of propane tanks and provide expert installation of bulk propane tanks at your site. Every member of our propane delivery and equipment teams are certified, trained and experienced and will uphold the highest standards for propane safety.

We provide responsive, personal communications and service. Do you have a question about your account or need to talk with us about scaling up your propane deliveries? Phone us and you’ll get someone from Hiper Gas on the other end of the line, not a stranger in a far-away call center. You can even talk over your needs with the owners!

What kinds of businesses use wholesale propane?

Get your wholesale propane from an experienced, established provider. Contact Hiper Gas to find out more about our outstanding services.

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