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Propane Services for Resellers and Exchange Programs

Hiper Gas can boost your business!

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If you own a retail store or a gas station, you know how competitive those businesses can be. You are likely always looking for a means of bringing in customers.

Here’s a great way to expand your customer base: Partner with Hiper Gas for a propane reseller or exchange service! Resellers fill bulk propane tanks or individual propane cylinders. With exchange services, customers bring in empty propane grill cylinders and swap them for a full one.

So many businesses in Hudspeth and El Paso Counties can gain a competitive edge by adding our reseller/exchange services. If you own a gas station, it’s an easy way to add to sales. If you own a convenience store or a grocery, a refill or cylinder exchange service gives customers an incentive to go to your store and stay to shop. Our services are also ideal for garden stores or home improvement stores.

Adding our services to your business makes you stand out in online searches when people are looking for places near them to get their propane cylinders refilled or exchanged.

Our propane reseller/exchange services

Hiper Gas has extensive experience in propane reseller and exchange services. We’ll put the knowledge and insights we have gained over the years to work for you. Your propane reseller/exchange program will be customized to meet your needs.

If you are a reseller that fills bulk propane tanks or cylinders, Hiper Gas will set up the infrastructure for your program, including tanks and storage cages for cylinder sales. You’ll also get dependable bulk propane delivery so that your business will always be able to meet your customers’ needs for bulk or cylinder filling. Your employees will receive thorough training in how to safely dispense propane and fill cylinders.

If you are adding a propane cylinder exchange, Hiper Gas has an extremely large supply of well-made, safe, certified propane cylinders. They arrive at your business filled, clean and ready to go.

Hiper Gas: The right choice for your reseller/exchange services

Hiper Gas brings quality and reliability to your business’s propane reseller/exchange service.

We are a successful, long-standing business based in Mexico that has been providing dependable propane services to businesses like yours across the border for many years. Because we are an established business, we have large propane storage capabilities, so you can be assured of an ample propane supply. Our fleet of vehicles is very well maintained. We have invested in the best technology to most efficiently manage our propane services.

You also get outstanding communication with Hiper Gas. Our team of commercial propane experts is knowledgeable, and our customer service team is based right here in greater El Paso, not in some far-away call center. Our owners are also available to talk if you need them.

Get in touch with Hiper Gas to find out more about our propane services for your business.

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