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Industrial Propane Services in the Lower Valley, East El Paso and West El Paso, TX

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As a border city, El Paso is an ideal place for industrial and manufacturing businesses.

The city and its surrounding communities are home to a wide range of manufacturers, including producers of food, clothing, medical equipment, electronics, HVAC sheet metal, and lighting and construction materials, and metal fabrication and stamping, aerospace and automotive companies. Other industrial businesses include asphalt, concrete and paving companies.

If you have an industrial or manufacturing business in El Paso County or Hudspeth County, propane is an outstanding energy source for a great deal of equipment and applications your business uses. With the commercial propane services from Hiper Gas, you can use propane to help your business grow and flourish.

The Hiper Gas advantage

Hiper Gas has extensive commercial and industrial propane experience, having operated in Ciudad Juárez and neighboring areas in Mexico for many years. Now we are bringing our services across the border for southwestern Texas businesses like yours.

We provide your business with reliability in your propane supply. Unlike the mom-and-pop businesses that can only buy in small quantities, we have large storage facilities, so we always have enough propane for our customers. Our fleet of bobtail trucks is newer and well maintained to ensure dependable propane delivery.

Because we are a regional company, we are able to provide personalized service and communication. You can feel confident about your propane supply and services with us.

Propane for asphalt and paving

Asphalt businesses use a lot of energy for everything from dryers to burners that heat the asphalt. With that demand, you need a dependable and cost-effective supply. Propane from Hiper Gas offers both.

Propane is less expensive than diesel. And because it burns more cleanly than diesel or other oils, it creates less wear on your equipment. That means fewer breakdowns that can lead to costly downtime and repairs. Using propane improves your efficiency while protecting your bottom line.

Because of our strong supply chain, Hiper Gas offers not only reliability in your propane supply, but the ability to scale up your supply quickly and easily.

Propane for manufacturing

Propane is a clean-burning and efficient fuel, making it ideal for manufacturing facilities. Many manufacturers use propane for their backup generators, keeping their facilities, workers and equipment safe during a power outage. Propane is used in the making of plastics, running machinery and more.

Propane also provides efficient heating and water heating for manufacturing facilities and is much more reliable and cost-effective than electricity.

Do you use forklifts? Propane-powered forklifts are superior to electric models because they are more powerful, they can be used safely both indoors and out, and they only take minutes to refuel, unlike electric forklifts, which can take an entire shift or longer to recharge. Hiper Gas offers comprehensive propane forklift services.

Put the experience and knowledge of Hiper Gas to work for your industrial business! Get in touch with us today to get started.

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