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Propane Autogas Services in Mission Valley and East El Paso, TX

Discover the benefits of fleet fueling with propane autogas from Hiper Gas!

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If your business uses a fleet of vehicles, you know that managing their fueling is nonstop, demanding work.

Propane autogas services from Hiper Gas make fueling your fleet easier, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

Fueling with propane autogas will dramatically reduce your fleet’s greenhouse-gas emissions, as autogas produces 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides, and 10% less carbon dioxide than diesel or gasoline. Autogas is also nontoxic. In the rare event of a leak, there is no damage to the air, water, plant life or soil. That is a benefit that gasoline and diesel cannot match.

Hiper Gas: Your autogas partner

Hiper Gas provides complete propane autogas services for your El Paso County or Hudspeth County business.

The Hiper Gas propane autogas experts will thoroughly discuss with you every facet of autogas service. We will set your autogas dispensing system up at your business site, with storage tanks ranging in size from 8,000 to 30,000 gallons. We’ll review your needs and the location of your dispensing system and tank to determine the right size for your business.

Our customized autogas delivery plan is flexible, and because we are locally based, we can easily adjust it to meet your requirements as you scale up your business.

How propane autogas works for your bottom line

Propane autogas is cost effective in multiple ways. On average, vehicles powered by autogas cost about $1.50 less per hour to operate than comparable gasoline-powered vehicles.

The clean burning of propane autogas — zero greenhouse-gas emissions and a higher octane level than gasoline — also causes less wear and tear on your equipment’s engines. Maintenance costs are lower, repairs are fewer, and oil changes aren’t required as frequently as they are with gasoline engines, resulting in reduced vehicle downtime. Your fleet’s vehicles will also last longer, saving you money because they won’t need to be replaced as frequently.

Managing your fleet’s fuel usage and costs is a lot easier and less expensive with an autogas dispensing station, since it means no more dealing with receipts, reimbursements, or company credit cards for fueling (and their fees and interest rates). Your fuel usage records are streamlined. Another big plus is that fuel theft is virtually eliminated, which can lead to dramatic savings.

On-site autogas fueling is safer and cleaner than buying gasoline or diesel fuel, and you won’t have to worry about spills or the damage and potentially costly cleanup that may come with them.

There are also incentives at the federal and state level that can help your business save money.

Municipalities and school districts around the country have discovered the benefits of autogas, allowing them to provide better services to their constituents without having to raise taxes.

Take advantage of all the benefits that come with fueling your fleet with clean-burning propane autogas! Contact Hiper Gas today to get started.

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