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Commercial Propane Services for the Lower Valley, East El Paso and Socorro, TX

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Many businesses in El Paso County and Hudspeth County rely on propane. If you are seeking a commercial propane service that’s dependable and responsive, Hiper Gas is here to serve you!

We have been serving businesses in Mexico for years. We have the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to provide reliable propane delivery and service to your business. That infrastructure includes:

We have the experience, insights, supply and equipment to provide comprehensive propane services to a wide range of businesses, such as warehouses, distribution centers, construction companies, asphalt plants, manufacturing facilities, commercial laundries, restaurants, hotels, health-care facilities and events centers.

Our commercial services

Industrial services. Whether you’re an asphalt company that uses propane for recovering and reheating or a manufacturing plant with large water heaters and furnaces for production, you can trust Hiper Gas for a dependable propane supply and customized delivery.

Wholesale propane. We provide bulk delivery of wholesale propane to all kinds of businesses. Our commercial customers appreciate the fact that we have extensive storage capabilities, so our supply is reliable, unlike mom-and-pop propane companies, which buy in smaller quantities. That reliability is important, especially for businesses that use propane for their backup generators.

Resellers and exchange services. Having a propane cylinder refill or exchange service at your convenience store, gas station, hardware store, grocery store or garden center is a great way to bring in customers and drive up sales. Hiper Gas will help you set up your program, so you know it’s done right and will meet all safety standards.

Propane autogas. Make fueling your fleet streamlined, efficient and environmentally friendly by hiring Hiper Gas to help you set up a propane autogas filling station at your business and provide reliable propane delivery.

Construction services. Propane is used on construction sites to run generators that provide lighting and charge equipment, as well as for temporary heating equipment that makes jobsites safe in colder weather while protecting materials such as paint and stucco.

On-site propane filling stations. We loan and install 1,300-gallon propane dispensing skid systems to be used for on-site filling.

Restaurants and hospitality. Propane provides the gas cooking needed to turn out top-quality food in a large volume, as well as gas laundry drying that is more efficient and cost-effective, and it provides outdoor amenities like pool and spa heating, firepits and grills. Hiper Gas gives your business customized delivery and service.

Get reliable commercial propane services from Hiper Gas! Get in touch with us to learn how our services can work for you.

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