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What RV Propane Tank Sizes are There?

Propane makes RVing great!

rv gas tank el paso, tx With warmer weather arriving, RV season is arriving.

According to the RV Industry Association, more than 11 million households in the United States have a recreational vehicle. Users come from all age and demographic groups. Some RV for family vacations. Some people live seasonally or full-time in their RV. There are organizations for RV users that help them to volunteer in communities where they are staying.

Whatever reason these folks are hitting the road, they are a market your El Paso area retail business could benefit from. Bring them to your store by setting up a propane tank refill or exchange service through Hiper Gas!

If you want to offer propane tank and bulk propane tank refilling services, Hiper Gas can help! We will provide the essential infrastructure and supplies—including tanks and storage cages for cylinder sales—needed to establish your program. We also provide reliable bulk propane delivery and safety training for your employees.

For businesses looking to introduce a propane cylinder exchange, Hiper Gas has a vast supply of quality-made and certifiably safe cylinders. Each arrives at your business already filled with propane and clean for immediate use. We’ll set up a customized cylinder delivery and removal program, so you’ll always have a supply for your customers.

How is propane used in RVing?

Propane is an invaluable energy source for RV users.

It heats water so you can shower and wash dishes. It provides power to your refrigerator, so your food stays safely cold. The propane is also used for gas cooking.

Propane keeps your RV comfortable by powering the heating and cooling systems.

You can also use propane outside the RV, with camp stoves, tent heaters, and insect traps.

RV propane tank sizing

Propane tanks for RVs are designed to be carried by one person. The most common sizes are:

20-pound tank. This is the size propane tank you would use for a propane BBQ grill. It holds 4.5 gallons of propane and weighs 37 pounds when full.

30-pound tank. It holds 7 gallons of propane and weighs 55 pounds when full. This tank is more commonly used for RVs and campers.

Propane safety tips for RVing

Because of its strict industry standards and safety regulations, propane is a secure fuel source to use. It’s essential that you understand the proper usage of propane when traveling in an RV so that your trip can be safe as well as fun.

To ensure your RV’s propane equipment is functioning properly and safely, we strongly suggest you have annual, professional maintenance done on it.

Propane has a odorant added to it, which smells like rotten eggs, that lets you know if there is a propane leak in or near your RV. If you detect this odor, leave the area and call 911 immediately.

If you or someone in your party displays signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, exit the RV and seek out medical attention immediately.

For maximum safety while cooking or using other propane appliances in the RV, keep a door or vent open.

NEVER use your RV’s propane stove for space heating.

Store propane cylinders in an upright position with the valves shut to avoid any potential leakage.

NEVER store or transport propane cylinders in the passenger or living areas of the RV.

It is essential to inspect propane cylinders for damage, corrosion, leaks or rust with each refill or exchange.

Are you looking to draw the RVer market to your retain establishment? Contact Hiper Gas today to learn more about how we can partner with you to set up a propane reseller or exchange service!

How Much Propane Does a Stove Use?

Hiper Gas gives you the joy of cooking with gas!

propane range el paso, tx If you’re a fan of cooking shows, chances are that you have noticed gas cooktops, ovens and ranges being used on nearly every show.

If you’ve wanted all the benefits of cooking with gas but your home is not connected with a natural gas utility, you may have thought you were out of luck. Good news: You’re not! You can enjoy cooking with gas when you have a propane gas range powered by propane delivery and service from Hiper Gas!

Hiper Gas is known in the El Paso and Fort Hancock area for its dependable propane delivery. We also offer comprehensive propane services including propane tank installation, affordable propane tank leasing, and pricing and payment options that let you manage your propane costs your way.

Eliminate the worries over your propane supply for good with our stress-free Automatic Delivery service! Utilizing the latest technology to precisely measure usage, we can accurately forecast when you need more propane so that it is delivered directly to your home before running low. With this convenient solution, you will no longer have to worry about monitoring your tank gauge or making phone orders – let us do all of the work for you!

How much propane your range uses

Propane is an incredibly efficient energy source, yielding 91,500 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of energy every hour per gallon. To put this into perspective, BTUs measure the amount of heat required to increase or decrease one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

On average, if you are cooking on a propane stove you could be using anywhere between 30 to 50 gallons of propane within the span of one year.

Therefore, we suggest households that use propane solely for cooking install a 60-gallon tank size. However, if your home uses multiple propane appliances then you will need a larger tank. Our propane experts will make sure you get the right size propane tank for your home’s propane usage. All our tanks are new, clean, and safe.

Propane stoves can save you money on your energy bills every month as propane stoves generate heat 30% more cost-effectively than electric stoves! If you are looking for an economical solution that still allows delicious cooking, propane is the way to go.

Advantages of using propane for cooking

Professional chefs overwhelmingly prefer propane when it comes to cooking, and not just for its energy-saving benefits. Its performance in cooking is second to none!

Propane provides precise, immediate temperature control so you can make sure your steak is cooked just the way you like it – from rare to medium-well – and not worry about it ending up as overdone and dry! You are also able to cook delicate foods such as fish and vegetables with absolute accuracy, preserving their unique flavors and textures.

With electric range burners, you have to wait much longer for it to heat up or cool down. This could result in steaming your pork chop instead of searing it and burning the pot of rice! On top of that, there are only a few settings available with an electric burner so controlling its temperature is not as precise as gas ranges. Meanwhile, propane ovens give off more moisture than an electrical one; thus keeping roasts from drying out.

Become a Hiper Gas customer to get reliable propane delivery for your home’s stove and other propane appliances!

A Propane Exchange Program for Your Business

Partner with Hiper Gas for a new opportunity!

tank exchange resell el paso, tx Growing your business is done one day, one step at a time. Hiper Gas is here to help you take a step towards growth with our propane tank exchange services.

We provide comprehensive propane cylinder exchange services. One advantage we have over other propane businesses is that we have a very large supply of quality, safe, and certified propane cylinders. You never need to worry about us being able to supply the amount you need. And they show up clean and neat, making them attractive to your customers.

How a propane tank exchange program can help your business

When customers come to your store for propane cylinder exchange or purchase, it is likely that they will take a moment to explore the other products you offer so they can get all of their desired items in one go and eliminate having to travel elsewhere.

Here is one example of how this works. You’re a convenience store owner. When a customer comes in looking for propane cylinders for a cookout, it’s likely that they’ll kill two birds with one stone and grab soda, chips, hamburger buns – and if you’re also running a gas station – they could fill up their tank while they’re at it!

This model works for other kinds of retail businesses. Have you ever considered how a propane cylinder exchange program could benefit your garden store? Not only is it an accommodating service that helps set you apart from competitors, but customers exchanging their cylinders may end up purchasing plants and additional gardening tools before leaving!

Another great example of a business benefiting from a propane cylinder exchange is grocery stores. Customers like the idea of being able to get multiple errands done in one trip, so being able to get a full propane cylinder along with their groceries makes your store attractive.

Hardware and home improvement stores are the perfect place for propane cylinder exchange services. Customers who come to swap out their old cylinders might leave with a few extra purchases – like grill tools, outdoor furniture and accessories, or outdoor propane appliance such as a firepit and deck or patio heater. They may even shop for a new propane grill!

Propane tank reseller services

Are you a reseller who sells propane tanks or cylinders in bulk? Then let Hiper Gas create the necessary infrastructure for your program, including tanks and storage cages. We will make sure that everything is secure, reliable, and ready to meet the needs of your customers.

With our dependable bulk propane delivery, you can rest assured that your business will always be able to meet the needs of your customers. Additionally, all of your employees will receive detailed training on how to dispense and fill cylinders safely and effectively.

Propane cylinder refills are not only popular with businesses, but also with people who own their own propane cylinders and would rather save money on refilling it rather than exchanging it.

Ready to learn more about how Hiper Gas can take your business to the next level? Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation!

Can Cold Weather Make Propane Freeze?

Protect your propane supply this winter

propane freeze point el paso, tx When people think of the El Paso area, they likely think of warm summer days and outdoor living. They don’t realize we get winter cold and bad weather, too!

In fact, it can get quite cold here! The average low temperature in winter is around 32°F. We’ve even had snowfalls of a foot or more here. Also, think back to the last few winters, when the temperature tumbled, and we were dealing with ice and snow that crippled many other parts of Texas.

You may be wondering how cold temperatures affects the propane in your home’s tank, and if it can gel or freeze. The freezing point for propane is -44˚ Fahrenheit. The record low for El Paso is -8°, set on Jan. 11, 1962. So, your propane freezing is nigh on impossible.

However, just because your propane is very unlikely to freeze, it can still be impacted by cold weather.

As temperatures drop, propane, much like other liquids, contracts in size. When temperatures dip to frigid levels, the volume of propane in an aboveground propane tank can decrease significantly. As a result, the pressure inside the tank also is lessened. If the pressure gets too low, the propane gas will not be able to reach the burners of your home’s propane appliances, which would mean that all your heating system and other related appliances won’t operate properly.

Tips for protecting your propane supply in winter

To ensure that your propane supply will remain secure during the winter season, there are three straightforward steps you should take.

Keep your propane tank at least 30% full. When your propane tank is more than 30% full, it will have positive pressure. Automatic Delivery from Hiper Gas helps to ensure that. We use the latest software, along with a tried-and-true calculation, to accurately predict when you will need your propane tank filled. We use that prediction to schedule a propane delivery.

Turn down the thermostat. You don’t have to sacrifice warmth in your home, but by lowering the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees you can save prevent your heating system from kicking on too often. This maintains the pressure in your propane tank and helps prevent the pressure from getting low. A smart or programmable thermostat will help make this easy.

Keep your tank free of snow. To ensure your propane tank continues to perform optimally, make sure you clear away any snow that accumulates on top of it. Snow blocks the sunlight from warming the tank and the gas inside, which can eventually cause pressure levels in the tank to drop. Use a broom to sweep it away, as shovels and other tools can damage the tank and its components.

Provide access your propane tank. If the Hiper Gas propane delivery drivers cannot safely get to your propane tank, they will not be able to deliver your propane. In the event of snow or ice, our delivery trucks need a clear, safe path on your driveway. Make sure there’s a foot-wide path cleared from your driveway to your propane tank.

With Automatic Delivery from Hiper Gas, you can be assured of always having the propane your home needs to be warm and comfortable. Become a customer today!

Can You Convert Your Home From Electric to Propane?

Hiper Gas can help you enjoy the benefits of propane in your El Paso area home!

propane conversion texas Have you been hyperventilating when you’ve opened your electric bill lately? You’re not alone. Electricity prices jumped almost 16% from September 2021 to September 2022.

If you are looking for superior energy efficiency and comfort, it’s time to look into converting your home to propane. Hiper Gas is here for you with propane conversion services, along with reliable propane delivery, propane tank installation and leasing, and pricing and payment options that give you greater control over your energy costs!

Benefits of propane in your home

You can save big on energy costs when you use propane instead of electricity for your home’s major appliances. Here are some examples.

Water heating makes up close to 20% of your home’s energy costs. Using propane instead of electricity for water heating can cut your water heating energy costs by up to 40%!

Propane clothes dryers help you save money because they get your laundry dry 25% faster than electric models. Also, because propane dryers have a moister heat, your laundry has fewer wrinkles so you won’t need to use your iron as frequently so you use even less energy.

You can enjoy the benefits of cooking with a propane gas range, with the precise and immediate temperature control that will help you turn out high-quality meals with outstanding efficiency.

A propane whole-house backup generator provides safety and comfort to your home when the electrical grid fails. You’ll be able to keep your lights on, food in your refrigerator and freezer safely cold, HVAC running, electronics charged, and essential medical equipment such as home dialysis, CPAPs, and electric wheelchairs operational.

Propane provides superior amenities outdoors, as well. Propane pool and spa heaters get your water warm exponentially faster than electric models, saving you big on energy costs. You can also power outdoor fireplaces and firepits. Connect a built-in propane gas grill to your home’s propane tank, and you’ll always have fuel for your cookouts!

The propane conversion process

At Hiper Gas, we know that each customer has unique needs when it comes to how they use propane in their home. We’ll go over what your goals are when it comes to converting your home to propane and set up a plan that meets those needs and works within your budget.

The first step is your propane tank. We will go over how you plan to use propane in your home and choose the right size propane tank that will meet those needs. We only install new propane tanks, all constructed to the highest standards for safety and quality. New customers get FREE tank installation! Our affordable propane tank leasing makes having propane in your home work-free and worry-free because we handle all maintenance and repairs. We also offer affordable gas line installation.

Ready to make the switch to efficient, versatile propane? Contact the experts at Hiper Gas today to get started!

Can Propane Tanks Explode?

Hiper Gas is committed to propane safety

propane tank service texas People often think that propane tanks are prone to exploding, but that’s not the case. That inaccurate belief probably comes from action movies where tanks explode thanks to crashes or gunshots, giving the audience the big booms it loves.

In reality, however, it is actually very difficult to make a propane tank explode, and it requires quite a bit of time and effort.

Today’s propane tanks come with relief valves which are designed to release pressure from propane tanks when the internal pressure reaches a certain level. Once the pressure falls below that level, the valve will close.

BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion) is a phrase familiar to firefighters and hazardous materials response teams. It refers to an instance when the pressure in a tank goes over the amount that can be safely vented into the atmosphere by the relief valve.

Although propane tanks have built-in measures to prevent explosions, accidents can still happen if these mechanisms are not used correctly. This is why it’s so important to know how to safely use a propane tank.

Quality, safe propane tanks from Hiper Gas

With other propane companies, you may get an older, refurbished tank. Not with Hiper Gas!

You always get a new propane tank from us. Our tanks are made to the highest standards for safety and quality, so you can be assured that the propane tank at your home or business is safe to use. We have an extensive supply of propane tanks in a full range of sizes, so whether you need a small tank just for your cooking range or a larger tank for lots of propane appliances, Hiper Gas has what you need!

Our service technicians are all trained, skilled, and experienced so know that your tank will be installed properly. You can also have no worries down the road about your propane tank with our affordable propane tank leasing because we handle all maintenance and repairs.

Propane tank safety tips

The most important thing you need to know about propane is what to do if you smell the distinct, rotten-egg odor of propane gas in your home. Smelling means there is a leak somewhere.

If this occurs, follow propane safety best practices, and evacuate your home immediately. Don’t stop to investigate where the leak could be coming from. On your way out, extinguish all sources of ignition such as candles or cigarettes, and don’t use light switches or phones. Call 911 and Hiper Gas once you are a safe distance away from your home.

You also should know how to shut off the supply valve on your propane tank. If you are not sure to do it, now is the time to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Keep your propane tank a light color. Propane expands in heat at a rate 18 times that of water. A white or light-colored tank reflects heat away from the tank. Any color darker than a light beige can absorb heat, leading the propane in the tank to expand to potentially dangerous levels.

Get expert, safe propane tank installation and affordable propane tank leasing from Hiper Gas! Become a customer today.

What Residential Propane Tank Sizes Are Available?

Hiper Gas will make sure you get the right propane tank size for your home!

propane tanks texas If you’re in need of a propane tank for your home, look no further than Hiper Gas.

We carry a wide range of propane tank sizes to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

All of our propane tanks are brand-new and will be installed by one of our experts to comply with safety regulations and local codes.

Not only is our propane tank leasing affordable, but it also makes having a propane tank easy and worry-free! You don’t have to deal with the initial purchase or installation fees, and we take care of all the maintenance and repairs for your tank.

You can be assured there will always be propane in your tank with our dependable propane delivery, including our Automatic Delivery option where we use your usage history and current weather to accurately predict when you’ll need a fill-up and schedule a delivery before you run low.

Propane tank sizes to fit your needs

We’ve put together a list of the propane tank sizes we carry and their uses so you have a good idea of what size tank may work best for you.

100-lb. vertical tank. This tank is perfect for those with one smaller propane gas appliance, like a dryer or fireplace.

200-lb. vertical tank. If you own two or three propane appliances, such as a range, fireplace, or dryer, this is the size tank for you.

420-lb. vertical tank. This tank can be used in a number of ways, including home space heating, pool and spa heating, and powering a propane backup generator.

120-gallon horizontal tank. This size is perfect for a couple of gas appliances, like space heaters and clothing dryers.

250-gallon horizontal tank. A propane tank of this size is the best option for homes that have three or more propane-powered appliances, which could include a water heater, range, and space heater.

500-gallon horizontal tank. If you use propane to heat your entire home as well as for other appliances like a range or water heater, then you will probably need this size tank.

1,000-gallon horizontal tank. Though typically it is used in commercial and industrial environments, this tank might be necessary for multifamily residences relying on a propane supply, or very large homes that use propane for home and water heating, as well as for cooking, pool heating, and other high-Btu appliances.

How much propane do you need?

Propane usage is calculated based on multiple elements. For example, if you use propane to heat your home, then the size of your house and how well it is insulated will play a big role. Additionally, the efficiency of your propane heating system will also have an impact.

To find the perfect size tank for your home, we first need to know about all of the propane appliances you have. These include big things like a water heater or range, and smaller objects such as a fireplace or clothes dryer. If you use propane to heat your house as well, this will obviously require more gas and cause us to recommend a larger tank.

We will also discuss your future plans. Things such as having more kids, elderly parents moving in, or adult children coming back home will likely result in needing to use more propane for heating and water heating. Other potential activities that could affect how much propane you use in the future include building an addition to your house.

Become a Hiper Gas customer for the best residential propane service in greater El Paso!

Can Forklifts Run on Propane?

Put Hiper Gas to work for your business with our propane forklift services!

forklift propane service texas Not only can forklifts run on propane, but they actually offer many advantages over electric or gasoline-powered models.

If your Greater El Paso business uses propane forklifts, let Hiper Gas help you get the most out of them with our forklift propane cylinder exchange services. We’re a locally owned and operated company, so we can offer responsive, personalized service that the big national companies can’t match.

After taking a close look at your business and how you utilize propane forklifts, our commercial propane experts will formulate a personalized cylinder exchange plan for you. We also provide bulk propane tanks and delivery for cylinder refills. Furthermore, we will provide safe storage for your cylinders and training in the safe and proper handling of propane cylinders for your employees.

What are the advantages of propane forklifts?

Power. Propane forklifts continue to run on full power as long as there is propane in the cylinder. Electric forklifts lose power as the amount of electricity in their battery dwindles. Propane forklifts outperform electric ones because they can transport heavier items and function better on inclined surfaces.

Cost-effectiveness. An electric forklift needs eight hours to recharge, which can result in decreased productivity if the battery dies during a shift. You’ll also need extra space and money for charging stations. In comparison to any other type of fuel, propane forklifts have the longest running times before needing a refill. You can refuel a propane forklift in less than five minutes! Simply swap out the empty cylinder for a full one.

Safety. By following the proper safety regulations and standards, propane forklifts can be utilized both inside and in open-air settings. As mentioned previously, we will ensure that your team is properly trained in how to handle propane cylinders for the forklift.

Versatility. Gasoline-powered forklifts cannot be used indoors because of their emissions. Electric forklifts are less effective outdoors and in wet conditions, while propane forklifts can operate both indoors and out!

Environmental friendliness. Propane-powered forklifts produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-fueled forklifts, making them a more environmentally friendly choice. There is no environmental damage if there is a propane leak, unlike with a gasoline leak. Electric forklifts don’t produce emissions, but they aren’t as environmentally friendly as propane ones because coal-fired power plants generate about half of the nation’s electricity.

What kind of businesses use propane forklifts?

The advantages propane forklifts have makes them ideal for a wide range of El Paso area businesses. Here are some of them.

Construction. Propane forklifts are excellent for easily moving heavy and bulky materials, such as bags of concrete or pallets of building materials, across even or uneven terrain.

Manufacturing. Manufacturing plants need to be able to move materials and products from one place to another, and propane forklifts offer many advantages over gasoline-powered or electric ones. Not only do they not produce harmful emissions, but they can be used indoors as well as outside. They’re more efficient than electric models since they don’t need to be sidelined for recharging.

Warehouses and distribution centers. With the recent surge in one-day shipping options, orders need to be processed quickly. The efficiency and power of propane forklifts help keep orders moving.

Hiper Gas can make your business more efficient and profitable with our propane forklift services. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation!

What Are Commercial Uses for Propane?

Hiper Gas can help your El Paso business flourish!

bulk propane texas Propane’s versatility and efficiency make it an ideal energy source for a wide range of businesses in greater El Paso. That’s why finding a dependable commercial propane services provider is essential.

Hiper Gas has many years of providing comprehensive commercial propane services to businesses to businesses in Ciudad Juárez and nearby communities. We have the reliable propane supply, large storage facilities, and a strong fleet of newer, well-maintained delivery trucks that assure you that your business will always have the bulk propane delivery it needs. Those deliveries are made by our team of trained, experienced delivery drivers who uphold our high standards for safety. Our certified technicians install propane tanks at your business or job site.

Because we’re experienced in commercial propane services, we use the latest software to manage our services and ensure prompt, responsive service. Our commercial propane team has the knowledge and experience to provide customized services.


Propane is a key fuel for the manufacturing of plastics. It also runs machinery and powers standby generators at manufacturing plants.


With international shipping coming through greater El Paso, forklifts are an essential tool for moving goods and materials at warehouses and distribution centers.

Propane forklifts offer superior power than electricity and can be refueled in minutes simply by swapping out the cylinder. Electric forklifts can take an entire eight-hour shift to recharge.

Hiper Gas offers complete propane forklift services. We install propane dispensers to refill cylinders, as well as cylinder exchange services.

Hospitality and tourism

El Paso’s hospitality economy is based on multiple types of travel. Being a border city, it is an essential location for international trade, which means lots of business travelers. Many people also come here for personal reasons, to visit family and friends. More than two million people visit the area each year.

Whatever the reason, hospitality and tourism is a vital part of our local economy. It brings in more than $1.5 billion each year and supports more than 40,000 local jobs.

Propane is ideal for restaurants and commercial kitchens as it provides gas cooking for appliances such as ovens, cooktops, griddles, pizza ovens, grills, warming tables, and more, which elevate your chefs’ work.

Using propane commercial dryers improves the efficiency of your hotel’s or resort’s housekeeping staff, as it can dry linens 25% faster than comparable electric models while reducing wear and creating fewer wrinkles.

Autogas fleet fueling

Did you know that propane can run cars, trucks, and other commercial vehicles? Many businesses, municipalities, and school districts are discovering the benefits of using propane autogas!

Hiper Gas will create a customized autogas delivery schedule for you, and set up an autogas filling station that’s safe and as easy to use as traditional gasoline and diesel filling stations.

Here’s what you get with autogas:

Put the power of propane to work in your Greater El Paso business! Contact Hiper Gas today to set up a consultation.

Propane vs. Electric Appliances: Which Is Better?

Which is right for your El Paso home?

propane or electricity texas If you’ve been seeing Hiper Gas trucks around your neighborhood in Greater El Paso, you may be wondering what propane can do for your home.

The answer is: a lot! Propane offers many benefits that cut your energy costs and offer superior comfort and amenities than what you get with electricity. With dependable propane delivery from Hiper Gas, you can enjoy all that in your home!

Propane offers superior energy efficiency

Home appliances that use propane, like ranges, furnaces, and water heaters are more energy efficient than those powered by electricity. A propane water heater can heat water faster and at a lower cost than an electric one. You are able to dry your clothes in 25% less time with a propane clothes dryer as opposed to an electric one.

Propane is better for the environment

Although electricity might give the appearance of being “cleaner” than propane, it is not. In fact, coal-fired power plants account for 50% of U.S. electricity production annually and are large contributors to smog and acid rain formation. Furthermore, the production of electricity via power plants is also one of the largest drivers behind greenhouse gas emissions in America, second only to transportation. Propane actually produces close zero greenhouse gas emissions!

Propane virtually eliminates energy waste

We lose around 60% of electricity to resistance when it runs through power lines–making transmission very inefficient. In fact, it takes three units of source energy just to get one unit from the power plant into our homes. To provide enough electricity for all households, we have no choice but to burn more greenhouse gas-producing coal. However, because propane is kept in close proximity to your home in your propane tank, there is little-to-no loss between the fuel and appliances.

Propane is better at heating

The Department of Energy reports that propane home heating has been more cost-effective than electricity in recent years in the United States. Propane gas furnaces heat air to 130°F to 140° Fahrenheit and operate in shorter intervals, meaning you stay warmer for longer. Electric heating systems only heat air to around 98.6°, so it feels cooler when you place your hand near the vent.

Propane offers better comfort

Propane fireplaces are gaining in popularity due to many advantages they hold over electric models. Most notably, propane flames look more natural and realistic, they heat your space faster, and cost much less to operate than electric models.

You can count on propane!

Propane heat is a more reliable energy source than electricity because if there’s a power outage, your propane-heated home won’t lose heat like an all-electric home would. Plus, with a propane whole-house backup generator, you’ll be able to keep the lights on and your house comfortable and secure during extended outages.

Propane appliances save you money

By investing in a propane furnace, you will save money in the long run as they last 5 to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps. Propane furnaces are cheaper to maintain than heat pump units because they have fewer moving parts. Propane water heaters could save you $175 a year or more on your water heating costs.

Propane enhances your quality of life

Use propane and make many appliances work better around your home. For example, with a propane range, you have greater temperature control than electric ranges which makes it easier to cook food perfectly. Also, tankless water heaters that use propane will allow you to enjoy all the hot water you want instead of taking cold showers. Lastly, propane pool and spa heaters heat water much faster and more efficiently than electric models.

Become a Hiper Gas customer for the most reliable propane delivery in the El Paso area!